So, its been a while.  Sorry for the absence!  Life got crazy and filled up with work and traveling and just normal life stuff.  And if I may be honest… I had no idea what to even write about.  It’s scary putting words out there.  Real words that might be read the wrong way.  Or words you might regret typing out for the world to see. Or words that might be too much to share.  But I’m going to give it another try.

Thought it might be a good idea to start with something exciting!  Most of you reading this have either already seen these pictures, or have been able to experience the beauty of my new kitchen :)  Just kidding.  It’s not the most magnificent kitchen, but it is SO MUCH BETTER than it was when we moved into our house.  I think you can appreciate it more to see the before and after pictures together.



We spent over a month ripping wallpaper off the walls and the cupboards!  I didn’t even know you could wallpaper on cupboards.  And then spent two weeks taking all the doors off and sanding and painting and trimming.  And it was worth every minute.  It was (mostly) a sweet time for me and my husband to work hard and put so many hours into a project together.  We had to decide the colors we wanted, and the process of how we wanted to accomplish this huge task. But what was even more sweet was the time spent listening to Pandora and belting out our favorite songs, high-fiving each other when “a big piece” of the wallpaper came off, and grunting together when our backs ached from standing in awkward positions or when the steam from the steamer got a little too close to our skin.

I think we learned a lot about one another.  I learned about him that he has a method for everything. And he doesn’t like a lot of questions.  He learned about me that I will take as many shortcuts as I can (when it comes to this kind of stuff), and that I ask way too many questions.

Now our kitchen is a room that we enjoy spending time in. It’s still quirky and far from perfect, but so am I.  It fits us just right.



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