About two months ago, Josh and I decided to celebrate our second anniversary by getting tattoos! He had always wanted to get an anchor once he got married, and I really did love the idea, so away we went! (Fu’s was our shop of choice.  If you live in Charlotte and want some work done, check it out!) Of course the first question that everyone asks is, “Did it hurt?” (Which I think that answer is obvious.) But the second… Read more »

My parents were generous last year and gave me an old table to use in our dining room.  A table that I ate at as a child.  I’m not big on sentimental things, but it’s fun having this piece in my house.  However, after having it here for a while and trying out a few different tablecloths, it just simply wasn’t working for me. Have you heard of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?  The Nester introduced it to me a few months… Read more »

I did it. I can now successfully mark number 4 off of my bucket list. Thought you’d like to know. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, a few weeks ago I wrote about the Top 5 on my Bucket List. Be informed. Which adventure is next?!

October’s 31 days is over.  (If you missed it, click here and see what it was about!) And I’ve been silent since.  Part of the silence is because I just needed a break.  The other part of my silence has been because I’ve been thinking and dreaming about what I want this small space to be. I’ve read a few posts from other ladies.  I’ve had some in-real life conversations, too. There seems to be a common vibe.  Whether they’ve… Read more »

It’s time to wrap up this craziness. I didn’t write every day.  And I think I’m ok with that.  I’ve never been much of a rule follower, anyways. These past few weeks have opened up my eyes and forced me to explore an area of my life that I had let slip a little.  Maybe it wasn’t the most adventurous life.  But I discovered how to have adventure each day, in simple, small ways. If you’ve stuck around with me… Read more »