Dear me ten(ish) years ago, You are just starting out your high school career.  Right now, you are happy.  You don’t have a busy social life, but the few close friends that you do have are like sisters.  You are excited about getting your driver’s license in a year because you know the freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel, and the adventures that lie on the road ahead.  That desire for adventure and independence doesn’t go away.  It… Read more »

Two weekends ago was a special time for the women in my family.  It was a day of limo riding, wine drinking, story sharing and celebrating one lady who has tied us all together. My mom turned 50 that weekend,  and we were so excited to surprise her!  We all drove in from three different states for the day to take her on a local winery tour in a limo.  She had no idea that this was happening, and I… Read more »

So, its been a while.  Sorry for the absence!  Life got crazy and filled up with work and traveling and just normal life stuff.  And if I may be honest… I had no idea what to even write about.  It’s scary putting words out there.  Real words that might be read the wrong way.  Or words you might regret typing out for the world to see. Or words that might be too much to share.  But I’m going to give… Read more »

It’s safe to say that my husband and I are nestled deeply into a season of transition.  We recently moved into a cozy new house.   I’m looking for a new job.  He’s looking for a new job.   Dear friends just moved away.  We are checking out a new church and meeting a lot of new people. Whew. Transition can be such a scary time for some people.  Certainly, transition means change, and the unknown factor is huge.   It always… Read more »

So, it’s officially starting.  My very first blog post.  I think I’ve been putting it off now for a few reasons.  The easy reasons are: 1. It doesn’t look EXACTLY the way I want it to.  SInce I started this thing, there has been a whole new language that I’ve had to learn.  From plug-ins, to favicons and avatars, to widgets and buttons. All of that has been slightly overwhelming. 2. I’ve never had to set time aside to write… Read more »