This is me hangliding in the summer of 2008!

Eleanor Roosevelt was a smart woman.  She lived an adventure.  When I saw this quote I knew I had to include it in my 31 days.

If I could put these words into my own, I would say: Living an adventure means taking risks, reaching out and experiencing things outside of the norm.  When we choose these things, our life becomes fuller, and more abundant.

What does this look like?

It could be saying yes to a coffee date with someone you don’t know very well.  It could be spending an afternoon in solitude in a beautiful place, just your thoughts and God.  It could be traveling to a city (or even a different part of your own city!) and getting to know people who seem to be nothing like you. It could be jumping off a cliff into crystal blue water.  It could mean being brave enough to conquer an obstacle you never thought you’d be strong enough to overcome. It might be something big, it could be something small.

The only part of Eleanor’s words that I disagree with is that I don’t believe that these things happen without fear.  I think that fear is a vital part of adventure.  It pushes us and stretches us beyond anything we could imagine. But only if you don’t let it overtake you.

I love the first part of this quote, “the purpose of life is to LIVE it.”  It’s so simple. Are you living your life?  What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

I would love to know the ways you are living your life!  Please leave a comment below and share!


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4 thoughts on “Day 3: How are you living?

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  2. caroline

    it’s ok, right to live my life through your adventures, right? :) i can think of so many times when my fear has got in the way of living an adventurous life. i let it overtake me. i have so much to learn!


  3. Lindsey

    Karrie, I love reading your blog. You are quite the inspiration! I don’t really think I live my life to the fullest, but I have been trying. I don’t want my son to grow up with so many anxieties and fears like I have. I love your take on adventurous living!


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