We all have routines.  Some are more predictable than others.  But there are certain things that we do day in and day out.  And after doing this for a while, our routines become mindless.  It’s easy to fall into that mindset. And it’s also dangerous.  Our attitudes become nonchalant and boredom rears its ugly face.  The things that once brought great pleasure to us, no longer do. And we have an attitude problem.

I have learned that I may not be able to control the things that happen in my life, but I am able to choose how I respond to them.   I can choose pouting, laziness and fear.  Or I can choose joy, thankfulness and adventure.

If you look at life as a series of obligations, then you are missing out on so many opportunities for adventure.  Adventure doesn’t have to mean doing something spontaneous or radical.  Adventure could mean rolling down your windows and turning the music up a few more notches.

If we change our attitude about what we are doing, there are endless chances to experience adventure everyday.  And it could change your life.

So which will you choose?


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