It’s safe to say that my husband and I are nestled deeply into a season of transition.  We recently moved into a cozy new house.   I’m looking for a new job.  He’s looking for a new job.   Dear friends just moved away.  We are checking out a new church and meeting a lot of new people. Whew.

Transition can be such a scary time for some people.  Certainly, transition means change, and the unknown factor is huge.   It always seems like once I get settled into a routine and things feel under control, is when it hits me.   Last week I was talking to my friend, The Nester, about all of the craziness that is happening right now, and she shared some wisdom with me.   She told me that life is transition.  It never goes away. And she’s right.  There is always something beginning or something ending, a schedule changing and people coming and going. But I have to adjust.  If transition means change, and change means an opportunity to grow, then that means that transition doesn’t have to mean trouble for me.   Even though at times I’m not sure of whats coming next, I can trust that I have the choice to be better because of it.  Things are just going to look a little different.

One of the things I have learned, though,  is how important friends are.   I get to hang out with those lovely ladies (plus Reeve!) every Thursday morning. We laugh and cry and share our “good, bad and ugly.”   These few ladies have helped me keep my sanity, shared their stories, and encouraged me in too many ways to count.  Every woman needs to have friends like these. So if you don’t have them, GO FIND SOME! They have made this season of transition for me a little smoother.

So when life is transitioning faster than you can keep up with, hold on to your friends, adjust as needed, and embrace the change.   You’ll be better for it.

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